About Me
I've lived in southern California since the year 2000. Prior to that, I've lived in Denver and Las Vegas.  I played soccer and lacrosse in college and then moved to the sleepy little beachside town of Seal Beach.  I pursued graduate school to be a School Psychologist while living in Seal Beach, which continues to be a happy place for my family and the venue for many beautiful photo shoots. 

My day job is as a School Psychologist and I am a passionate advocate for children and mental health issues.  Photography has always been something that helps me keep balance in my life and a reminder to focus on every day beauty.  

Photos that mean the most to me are those that capture the relationship and connectivity between people; a side glance, a burst of laughter, the friends and family watching the bride walk up the aisle, a mom kissing her baby in those early moments, or the newborn's dimple sneaking out of the yawn when he hears his mom's voice.  These are the moments I love capturing for people and it's truly what fuels my passion for photography.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message. I aim to reply within 48 hours.